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    Welcome to Grimm Tails Veterinary Clinic!

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    Veterinary Services Available

    Our Veterinary Clinic in Viroqua is pleased to offer a wide variety of veterinary services including Digital Radiology, Small Animal Surgery, Grooming & more!

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Welcome to Grimm Tails Veterinary Clinic

The staff of professionals at Grimm Tails Veterinary Clinic prioritize the well being of your special pet. Whether they have been with you for years or just a few days, remember to keep your pet vaccinated and healthy.

Flea and Tick Season is here!

Here at Grimm Tails, we carry a variety of flea and tick preventatives. For our Canine Companions we carry both Topical preventatives: Frontline and Vectra, and Oral preventatives: Nexgard, and Bravecto. And for our Feline Friends, we carry two topical preventatives:Frontline and Vectra. We currently have a promotional offer for some of our preventatives! Currently, our specials are as listed below:

Frontline Gold: Buy 3 doses, Get 1 free or Buy 6 doses, Get 2 free doses (available in clinic).

Vectra: Buy 3 doses, Get 1 free or Buy 6 doses, Get 3 free doses (available in clinic).

Nexgard: Buy 6 doses, get 1 free dose (available in clinic).

**New to Grimm Tails: We now carry Revolution!**

Have you heard all the news about the DOG FLU?

We have heard it too.  We do currently offer the influenza vaccination.  The protocol is 2 doses given at 2-4 weeks apart.  (Immunity is best 7-14 days after the second dose.) If at all possible do not travel with your dog into areas where influenza has been diagnosed.  Symptoms are similar to human influenza:  diarrhea, vomiting, dehydration, lack of appetite, lethargy And as with the human flu, the vaccination is most effective if given before symptoms occur.

Our goal here at Grimm Tails Veterinary Clinic is to make sure we offer educational information about the issues that may arise with the care of your pet.  Happy, healthy pets make happier owners.